Hashem’s Amazing World Series

Embracing scientific topics with equal parts faith and fascination…

From writer Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod…

Explore scientific topics in a fun, new way!

Get close up and discover the world Hashem made…
through the eyes of a child.

Titles in the series:

ZOOM!  A trip to the moon
BABY!  Life before birth
BUZZ!  A teeny tiny world

Available now on Amazon.com:

“…A charming story that touches on the natural wonder and attraction that many kids have towards outer space, and adds thoughts of Hashem into the mix. The illustrations and photos enhance its appeal, making for a book that parents will enjoy sharing with their children.”
-Ann Koffsky, author/illustrator, Frogs in the Bed, My Passover Seder Activity Book.

Coming Soon:

Sample images from BABY: Life Before Birth, the second in this series,
which opens this amazing topic in a sensitive, modest and discreet way.

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