Ezra’s Aliyah

Aliyah:  The Journey of a Lifetime…

from writer Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod

Make the journey of a lifetime exciting and meaningful…
for every member of the family.

Please watch and enjoy this book’s video trailer: 



I wrote this book hoping to make others’ aliyah journey easier.  
I hope it can help you or a child you love.

Aliyah, through the eyes of a child:

 What reviewers are saying about the book… 

“I loved it. It’s just the right length for young kids and brings up
the subjects parents must speak to their children about.”
– Batya, me-ander blog book review

“This lovely little book is a step in the direction of preparing children for aliyah
by taking into account that their aliyah experience matters, too.”
– Ruti Mizrachi, hakol nuchal blog book review

“There is so much in the book that can help a child get an understanding
of what will happen – basic things like how the family’s furniture will get to Israel
and longer-term things like how the child will learn Hebrew and make friends.”
– Emily, Amazon.com book review

Available now through Amazon.com: 

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