The Jewish Monsters Series

This series lets kids explore universal themes in a fun way through the lens of Jewish festivals and observances, bringing out the monster in each and every one of us.

Hand illustrated in beautifully rhyming verse, these monsters’
precious stories will bring a smile to any Jewish child’s face.

★★★★★ Praise for Shabbat Monsters:

“A children’s book that manages to tie the themes of Rosh HaShanah–with its emphasis on making amends, with… Penguins! An unlikely combination? Definitely, and all the more enjoyable for that.”

“Shabbat Monsters is a sweet book of poetry that teaches kids about both Shabbat, and why the holy day is about more than games and good food. Lovely illustrations that really capture the essence of the story.”

“I read it to my 5 year old. We both loved the rhyming and the story. I occasionally stopped and looked at him for a moment and would ask, “what do you think?” He would smile and give his answer as he picked up on the moral of the story.”

“My 3 year old said “Read it Again Mommy!!!!””

“They are not monsters in the scary sense, children will want to cuddle them rather than hide.”

 Shabbat Monsters, by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod Chanukah Monsters, by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod Kosher Monsters, by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod

Plus this FREE coloring book!


  • Shabbat Monsters“Shabbat monsters love to play On their holy special day. Love to skip and dance around… Can’t you hear that rumbly sound?” Shabbat is a sad time for one newcomer who just doesn’t feel like he fits in. Will the other monsters let him join in the fun? Find out in a fun rhyming tale that’s sure to bring out the Shabbat monster in everyone!
  • Chanukah Monsters“Chanukah monsters light the lights, Time to enjoy the first of eight nights. Sniff and taste their Chanukah treats, Sing out loud to monstrous beats.” Chanukah is fun for everyone… until one monster gets a gift he just doesn’t love. Will his jealousy ruin their party, or will the monsters find a way to play happily (and safely) together? Find out in a fun rhyming tale that’s sure to bring out the Chanukah monster in everyone!
  • Coming soon – Kosher Monsters!!!

Watch the Shabbat Monsters trailer here:

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