Now You Know Series

For kids and adults with limited Jewish background, this series is an authentic, fun, family-friendly introduction to important Jewish themes for ages 8-12 and up.

Explore the joys of contemporary Jewish life in an accessible, fun way
for readers of all ages, faiths and levels of knowledge.

★★★★★ Praise for the Now You Know books:

“Everything I already knew about Israel is there and described much better than the other sources of information I have studied. With an insiders insight the author included and explained many other aspects of the country.”

“I now know that Chanukah celebrates a double miracle; that the historical event it commemorates fundamentally shaped New Testament Israel; and that as long as it’s fried, it’s Chanukah food. Why and how? Read the book to find out, and for a rich appendix of further details, folk tales, and a glossary of Jewish terms.”

“Fun, amusing, and very informative! There were some things I didn’t know that I didn’t know, and I found myself running to check that my Chanukiah is Kosher! (whew! it is!).”

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And don’t forget the lapbooks to make your kids’ reading of this book truly interactive…

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  • Now You Know:  Chanukah for Kids:  Chanukah: what’s it all about? Not just the Jewish festival of lights, Chanukah is a time of dedication, and a time for family fun. Customs, stories, food and songs… it’s all inside, with full colour photographs throughout.
  • Now You Know:  Israel for Kids:   From the Golan to the Red Sea, from the port of Haifa to the Kineret (Sea of Galilee), come travel all around Israel, exploring its history, beliefs, customs… and, of course, its food.
    Come and see what the Israel excitement is all about!
  • Now You Know:  Passover for Kids:  More than a festival of spring, more than a pilgrimage, Passover and the Seder night are among the most important Jewish rituals. Now includes Your first seder: 10 savvy survival tips for newcomers.  Whether you’re Jewish or not, you’ll discover customs, stories, songs and more… it’s all inside, with full colour photographs.

Watch the Now You Know:  Passover for Kids preview and trailer here:

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