Children’s Books by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod

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Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod was a mom for almost 20 years before she published a single children’s book.  And almost every single day of those 20 years, she read stories out loud to her kids (she’s still at it).

Something must have rubbed off, because today, she’s published more than a dozen highly-rated children’s books, all available through
(of course you do!)
With irresistible words and pictures, she’s brought great writing to Jewish children’s books, while also creating high-quality children’s books that aren’t specifically Jewish… in other words, books for any family.
If you’d like to write and publish great kids’ books, too, you can follow her at the Write Kids’ Books blog.  
She also loves hearing from kids and families and always replies to emails.  Use the contact form on the right or email her directly at

All the best things in life come in threes (or twos, or fours)…

The Jewish Monsters Series

The Jewish Nature Series

Hashem’s Amazing World Series

Now You Know Series (Introducing Jewish Life)

Olam Shel Emet (World of Truth Science)


Books about Special Jewish Times:

Books about Israel:

General Titles:

  For Parents / Teachers:

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